The Path to Certification


STEP ONE: Complete Prerequisites and Online Requirements

Before you can register for a classroom course, you must complete the appropriate prerequisites. These prerequisites differ depending on the certification. If you attempt to register for a course that requires prerequisites, you will be given a warning popup that will list the applicable prerequisites. Prerequisites contain conceptual knowledge that will make your experience in class go more smoothly.  To register for online prerequisites, click Course Registration and then click on OnDemand Catalog. Locate your desired class, click on the course title, then click Register. 

STEP TWO: Attend Classroom Course

To register for a classroom course, click Course Registration and then click on Classroom Courses and Certifications. Locate your desired class, and click Register to select the location and date.

When you attend class, you will receive hands-on teaching from one of AMX University's highly experienced, field-tested technical trainers. AMX University classroom courses have been crafted to meet the educational needs of industry professionals in all of our verticals.

AMX University classroom training is offered free of charge to qualified AMX dealers, Education Alliance Partners (EAP), government and military personnel. Non-dealers are welcomed to take AMX training at a rate of $300 a day.

STEP THREE: Complete Written/Practical Exams

At the end of the classroom course, you will be required to complete written and/or practical exams. Depending on the class, these exams will either be completed in class or at a later time (your instructor will advise you). Be aware that you will not receive certification until the exams have been completed, turned in, and graded. If the practical exam is completed at home, know that there is often a queue of practical exams to be graded, so please be patient. You will be contacted by AMX University when the exam has been graded. If you have not heard from AMX University in 90 days, feel free to contact Training Help for an update.

Register for Classes Now

NOTE: To register for classes, you must have a valid AMX Company ID. To obtain your AMX Company ID, please email

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