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NetLinx® NX Series Central Controllers Product Information Pages

Check out the NX platform product information pages, featuring detailed specs, image galleries, product features, and data sheets.

Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switchers Product Information Pages

The Enova® DVX Series All-in-One Presentation Switchers combine all the key components required to automate a conference room into a single box. The DVX switchers include a video switcher, a device controller, DSP audio effects, and an amplifier in one device.

Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers Product Information Pages

The Enova® DGX Digital Media Switchers allow you to take video from a large number of sources and distribute them to displays across a building. The DGX Switchers use swappable cards, so you can mix and match the cards for your exact requirements, and then upgrade your system as those requirements change. The DGX switchers also come with a built-in control processor for integrated device control.

Massio ControlPads Spotlight Site

Massio ControlPads are simple control interfaces that allow you to interact with all of the technology in your meeting room. A single button press can initiate a macro that can set all the technology in your room to a single preset.

White Papers

AMX AV/IT Administrator's Guide

Named Commercial Integrator’s Best White Paper of the Year at InfoComm 2015! This document provides a technical overview of equipment and protocols encountered when implementing AMX products on the Enterprise Network.

Workbook to Security and Networked AV

This vital guide, put together by a leading expert in AV/IT security, provides the information you need to know for a successful and secure deployment.

Networked AV and Security: Liability, Specifying Requirements

In this follow-up to the “Workbook to Security and Networked AV,” industry leader Paul Zielie sheds light on areas that might leave companies open to liability and the technologies that can help mitigate risk.

Hackers in the Boardroom: Security Issues with AV

They're out there: Hackers and disgruntled employees who would love to break into your AV system and wreak havoc. This AMX White Paper explores the complex world of AV security and provides tips on how you can make your systems secure.


Security Implications of AV on the IT Network

One of the great challenges of AV/IT convergence is how to secure the AV systems that are now an integral part of the IT network. In this sneak peek, AMX Enterprise Solutions Manager, Paul Zielie previews his full-length 55 minute presentation on the best practices of designing and implementing AV installations that are both effective and secure. Paul covers a range of topics including:
  • How AV/IT convergence is impacting enterprise security
  • How to ensure that your AV applications are secure
  • How to identify security requirements for your AV installation
  • How to develop a secure design
  • And much more.



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