Changing the Game in AV

Enova® is at the forefront of a revolution in AV technology.

The Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switchers and Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers combine all of the components you need to control/automate any environment into a simple, flexible, comprehensive solution including control, video switching, transcoding and scaling, and local and remote distribution - all in a single, compact enclosure. In addition to these capabilities available on either solution, the DVX offers room-level capabilities such as multi-format local inputs, audio mixing and amplification in the same enclosure.

These revolutionary products include standard technologies such as:

  • AMX's SmartScale® technology, which automatically delivers an optimally-scaled image to every display in the installation while eliminating incompatibilities between source devices and displays;
  • AMX's InstaGate Pro™ technology, which seamlessly integrates HDCP into system designs and provides hassle-free matrix switching to any HDCP compliant displays without constraints or delays;
  • DXLink™ technology, which sends and receives audio, video, control, Ethernet and power over one standard twisted pair cable up to 100 meters. DXLink is also available in a fiber solution to send and receive audio, video, control and Ethernet over single mode fiber up to 10 kilometers or multimode fiber up to 300 meters.


Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switchers

Deliver the perfect meeting in conference rooms, small auditoriums, classrooms, hotel meeting facilities and more.

  • All-In-One 10x4, 6x3 or 6x2 in a 2U or 3U Box – Control, audio & video switching/distribution, scaling, converting, transcoding, amplification, plus built-in professional-grade DSP audio mixing and twisted pair distribution, all in a single small chassis.
  • SmartScale Technology – Automatically ensures signal output is scaled to every display's native resolution.
  • HDMI/HDCP Compliance – End-to-end distribution of HDMI signals with full HDCP, with the simplicity of analog, without interruption or key constraints using InstaGate Pro technology (available on all 215x and 315x models).
  • Game Changing Device – Standardizing on this box reduces Total Cost of Ownership, including substantial savings in maintenance and energy utilization.

Includes 2 independent, scaled HDMI outputs and 1 unscaled DXLink output with power.

Includes 4 independent scaled HDMI outputs and 2 DXLink outputs (unpowered) that mirror two of the scaled HDMI outputs.

Multi-Format, UDM Inputs.


Enova DGX-8/16/32/64 Digital Media Switchers

Centralized AV management for divisible conference rooms, large auditoriums, operations centers, sports bars and the Connected Campus.

  • Integrated Technologies - Includes AMX exclusive SmartScale, InstaGate Pro and DXLink technologies
  • Uses Same Input/Output Boards On All Sizes of DGX Enclosures – Simplifies installation, upgrades and on-site servicing of a DGX system
  • Flexible Integrated Distance Transport – Use shielded twisted pair cable or fiber (including single mode or multimode) within the same Enova DGX enclosure
  • Embedded NetLinx Controller & Ethernet Switch – Allows any connected device to be managed, monitored or controlled and provides Ethernet access to those devices
  • Compact Enclosures - The DGX 16 Enclosure is 4RU and the DGX 32 Enclosure is 6RU which are half the size of their competition
  • Enova DGX 64 is 4k Ready - The DGX 64 provides a 25 Gbps backplane data rate throughput to support the volume of data needed for 4k Ultra HD displays



DXLink Digital Media Twisted Pair Transmitter / Receiver Modules

HDCP-compliant boards send audio, video, control, Ethernet and power over one shielded twisted pair cable up to 200m – 100m to the matrix switcher and 100m after the matrix switcher

Used with Enova DGX Twisted Pair I/O Boards and certain models of the Enova DVX. See the Enova DVX Product Comparison Chart for details about the number of DXLink Input or Outputs by DVX model.

  • SmartScale Technology in the RX – Automatically ensures signal output is scaled to every display's native resolution.
  • Native NetLinx Control Everywhere - Control connected source and display devices using the built-in IR and RS-232 ports.
  • Source Device Versatility – Supports legacy analog as well as digital signals including HDMI/HDCP.
  • Multi-Format Wallplate – Includes automatic analog to digital conversion, powered over DXLink with a single twisted pair into a double-gang back boxes.



DXLink Digital Media Fiber Transmitter / Receiver Modules

HDCP-compliant boards send audio, video, control, and Ethernet over fiber cable up to 300m (multimode) or up to 10km (single mode)

Used with Enova DGX Fiber I/O Boards (not compatible with Enova DVX).

  • HDCP Compliance Over Fiber – Transmit HDCP compliant video including HDMI up to 300 m
  • Industry Leading Data Rate - DXLink is leading the way with an optical transport rate of 10 Gbps
  • Secure and Isolated – Fiber inherently provides extra security and electrical isolation making it the transport method of choice for many mission-critical secure environments
  • Field Serviceable Fiber Modules – Easily remove and replace SFP modules in the field


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